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Unpluq Tag + 1 Year Subscription

Unpluq Tag + 1 Year Subscription

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Now fully functional with Apple and Android devices. 

We are excited to offer a truly unique and effective solution to smartphone dependency with Unpluq. 

Introducing the Unpluq Tag: This is a physical key tag that uses tap technology (NFC) to lock and unlock your phone. Go from a full-fledged smartphone with access to every app to a minimal phone with only the essentials you need to get through your day, keeping you focused and present.

With Unpluq, you can fully customize your smartphone to have the apps you need while locking apps you don't. You can even set schedules determining when certain apps are locked. In order to gain access to apps you've deemed distracting, you will be required to tap your physical Unpluq tag on the device to unlock them. The physical tag is also required before editing your Unpluq settings and schedules, to safeguard you against impulses to access distracting apps.

This is a particularly helpful solution for parents that want their child to have access to a phone with some apps without being subject to all that comes with the modern day smartphone. Unpluq is a tool that has helped many children and adults alike dramatically improve their relationship with their smartphone.

- 1 year of Unpluq Premium
- 1 Unpluq Tag (a silicone coated NFC tile)
- 1 keychain ring for the Unpluq Tag
- Instruction card
- Gift box


All Unpluq tags come with the activation code for a 1 year membership to the Unpluq app and software. All tags are also covered by the same manufacturer warranty and customer support provided by Unpluq.

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