Introducing The Sunbeam F1 Horizon.

Introducing The Sunbeam F1 Horizon.

We are happy to find another great flip phone option on the market, especially one with so many different compatible carriers, including Rogers and Telus for our neighbors to the north. It is also special to be able to find a small family run business like Sunbeam that has engineered and built their own unique product from scratch. Their operation is based in Missouri, and they appear to be very present in the Mennonite community, which seems to also be part of the reason they decided to make their own devices years ago. Since then we have seen a lot of improvements and we feel this model is the best yet from Sunbeam. 

The device has a nice Navy blue color with black on the inside. The material feels very premium and sturdy compared to a cheaper flip phone like the 2780. The phone has easy to use large buttons, and a very simple layout. This phone is very straightforward when using it for the first time. A big perk of this device will be the built in Waze Navigation. It is rare to find a flip phone with such nice navigation built in, but with none of the smartphone distractions. The battery tests we did on the phone was excellent with only losing 5 percent battery overnight. The build quality and ruggedness will not be the same as The F1 Pro series, but we have a preference for a less bulky design considering the build quality on the phone and it already being plenty thick. 

We think The Sunbeam F1 Horizon will be an excellent model for kids, and for adults looking for a durable flip phone with a few essential tools like navigation. The F1 Horizon comes in all sorts of configurations depending on what features you don''t want. At dumbwireless we will only be carrying the fully loaded bluebird version with Weather, Waze, and Hotspot. We feel this is the right option for most people, and doesn't come with any of the distractions we are trying to be away from. 

You can use code minimalnewyear to save on an F1 Horizon at dumbwireless. 


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