Can a tiny smartphone reduce your screen time?

Can a tiny smartphone reduce your screen time?

People have tried to create a tiny smartphone, and only one has really succeeded in this endeavor, and it was the Unihertz Jelly with its 3 inch screen and Jelly Bean shape.

The current state of the smartphone is almost all 6 inch+ slabs now that Apple has officially ended the iphone mini. The Jelly Star goes the exact opposite direction, making an impressively tiny phone. The initial reaction people have to this phone is that they can't believe the apps they know and use work on this device, or it's even a working phone at all. The Jelly Star is shockingly small to people and at first glance can draw quite a bit of attention. But what is even more impressive, is that the device is not that difficult to use. The typing has to be a little more focused than a standard iphone screen due to the size, but it works just fine. The other apps like google maps and Spotify also work just as well as on a standard smartphone, and the phone has access to the full google play store as well. 

That being said, the Jelly Star is a full fledged smartphone and not a dumbphone. We carry this device because we believe for those that absolutely can not part with their smartphone for work or other life circumstances, that they will have success reducing their screen time with this device. Going back to a standard smartphone after being on the Jelly feels almost comical, it feel like you can consume content for hours and hours, where as on The Jelly it feels like you are there to do what you need to do and then put it back in sleep mode. The battery life we found was decent but not great, losing about 15 percent over night. If you use moderately through the day you will be just fine without recharging, but if you are watching video and scrolling away you can bet this phone will need a charge before the day is up. 

Overall The Jelly Star is the best we have seen yet from Unihertz and we are proud to carry it at dumbwireless. 

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